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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Services Offered by Astrologer Brijesh kurup Jyothisham Sri. Brijesh kurup is an expert in horoscope calculations and predictions based on birth times and star positions. He provides consultation services for horoscope related queries or predictions. Jaathakam The horoscope is a document defining brief prediction of life of a person based upon the planetory positions at the exact time of his birth. Usually this is written at very early age, but can be written at any time, if the exact date and time of birth, as well as place of birth are known. Prasnam Kavidi Prasnam - Kudumba Prasnam (related to family affairs), Manushika Prasnam (related to personal affairs), Devaprasnam (related to family/ancestral temples) Medical Jyothisham Predictions of diseases and disorders to body organs or areas on basis of planetory positions at time of birth, or current planetory positions and motion, and suitable remedies and precautions.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

 ബഹു. ശ്രി വി സ് ശിവ കുമാര് നിന്നും ജ്യോതിഷ ശ്രേഷ്ഠ പണ്ടിതാൻ അവാർഡ്‌ 2014 ഏറ്റു വാങ്ങുന്നു ജ്യോതിഷ ശ്രേഷ്ഠ പണ്ടിതാൻ അവാർഡ്‌ 2014  നേടിയ ശ്രി.ബ്രിജേഷ് കുറുപ്പ് 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Slow moving Planets in 2013 and the World

Among the nine planets recognized by the Vedic astrology for predictive purpose, slow-moving planets play a major role. They are: Saturn, Rahu (Ascending node of the Moon), Ketu (Descending node of the Moon) and Jupiter. Their movement during the year 2013 may be noted here. It may be noted that about 23 degrees and 58 minutes are required to be deducted from tropical position of planets applicable for the period around 2013 to obtain sidereal position followed in Vedic astrology:
  1. Saturn: It re-entered the sign Libra on 4 August, 2012 and is continuing its onward journey in the same sign in direct motion until 8 February 2013 when it turns retrograde. During the retrograde movement, Saturn rejoins sign Virgo on 17 May, 2013, becomes direct on 25 June, 2013 , re-entering sign Libra on 3 August 2013, which movement is kept up during the rest of the year.
  2. Rahu, Ascending Node of the Moon: It will join the sign Libra on 23 December, 2012 and will continue its passage through sign during the year 2013.
  3. Ketu, the Descending Node of the Moon. It will join the sign Aries on 23 December, 2012 and continue its journey through that sign during the year 2013.
  4. Jupiter: It gains retrograde motion on 4 October, 2012 in sign Taurus and continues to be so in that sign until 30 January, 2013, when it would be in direct motion. It continues its journey in sign Taurus until 30 May, 2013 when it will move to next sign Gemini. Jupiter will spend rest of the year 2013 in sign Gemini.
The above mentioned planetary movements would suggest that:
  1. The slow-moving planets Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter are influencing signs Taurus and Libra owned by Venus during first 5 months of the next year 2013.
The coincidence as (1) above is rare and as such, requires to be looked into as to its impact on human affairs.
Libra is a sign denoting trading or commercial community, Hollywood and Bollywood, justice delivery system and the like. Getting together of Saturn and Rahu in this sign is highly significant. Saturn supports change from the present, a kind of separation. Saturn is a much dreaded planet because it is painful to separate from the present with which one has attached one’s mind and interest. These qualities of Saturn compel some astrologers to relate this planet to renaissance. On the other hand, Rahu is considered to be like Saturn but with a difference.
Changes or renaissance brought about by Saturn are estimated in some way or measure and, therefore, are not as much shocking. But the changes brought about by Rahu are more shocking than that of Saturn because one is caught unawares. Libra is a sign of exaltation for Saturn which signifies that Saturn will not face obstruction in manifestation of its natural qualities mentioned above. This can be explained by saying that what Saturn intends doing, becomes acceptable in some way, may be partially.
In substance, while passing through Libra, Saturn would do what it usually does but with a difference. There is some acceptability for the change it would bring about due to circumstances available. Now, coming together of Rahu with Saturn practically from January, 2013 onward brings about a mix up, though both the planets are friendly. Therefore, while the potency of changes in the world of trade, art, Bollywood and Hollywood becomes specific during the year 2013, such changes could be acceptable in some way. This can be explained in another way. The business world would be prepared when the changes come, though there may or may not be much profit involved in the change.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Services Offered by Astrologer Brijesh kurup


Sri. Brijesh kurup  is an expert in horoscope calculations and predictions based on birth times and star positions. He provides consultation services for horoscope related queries or predictions.


The horoscope is a document defining brief prediction of life of a person based upon the planetory positions at the exact time of his birth. Usually this is written at very early age, but can be written at any time, if the exact date and time of birth, as well as place of birth are known.


Kavidi Prasnam - Kudumba Prasnam (related to family affairs), Manushika Prasnam (related to personal affairs), Devaprasnam (related to family/ancestral temples)

Medical Jyothisham

Predictions of diseases and disorders to body organs or areas on basis of planetory positions at time of birth, or current planetory positions and motion, and suitable remedies and precautions.

Gem Consulting

Selection and wearing for suitable gem stones matching with zodiac/planetory positions and birth stars, improve success, prosperity, happiness, integrity at home, education and health.


Calculation of lucky numbers, suggesting lucky names, change of spellings, names for business organizations, homes, according to date of birth of concerned person.

Vaasthu Consulting

Calculation of floor spaces, verification of position and distribution of room partitions, directions, water flow, etc. for homes, offices, new constructions or alterations.

Pendulum Astrology

Using Pendulum for determining negative and positive spaces within a building or home or empty land area, or determining diseases in human body.

Thanthik/Manthrik Poojas/Homam

Poojas for achieving goals and success in ventures, poojas and returns against ill-fate and problems due to planets and positions, prathishta rituals at temples, poojas for family/ancestral problems or doshas, effects of negative energies or evil spirits, parihara poojas, empowering self-protection amulets (elassu or yantram) with magical powers, yanthram for protecting home and family, body, yanthrams for attaining good job, or securing jobs, or getting deserved promotions and salary hikes with no hinderances, etc. Parihara (solution) poojas will be performed at temples



The Lord is Mrityunjaya, the conqueror of death. Aged people and people with incurable diseases worship the Lord with offerings such as
· Mrityunjaya homam
· Tila homam
· Karuka homam
· Sree Rudram Dhara
· Mrityunjaya Pushpanjali
· Ayush Suktam Pushpanjali
· Katina Payasam

· Lighting ghee lamp in the Srikovil (TEMPLE) to ward off all dangers and evils assailing them. By the Lord’s blessings, such devotees are sure to lead a peaceful and happy life.

 For mental disorders

Devotees seek the blessings of the lord for mental disorders with offerings such as mahanaivedyam

· Lighting ghee lamp inside the Srikovil
· Lighting the Depasthampam in front of the deity at the time of Deeparadhana on Pradosham days and Bhagavat seva days Washing away sins      

     kala dosha pariharumThe important offering to Venugopalamurthy is· Annadhanam. The belief is that by feeding with great devotion, twelve poor people with rice Naivedyam prepared in the temple, one’s sins are completely washed away.

Other important offerings for the Lord are:

· Pal Payasam· Malar Naivedyam· Vishnu Sahasranama Archana· Sree Krishna Ashtothara Satha Nama Archana· Avil Naivedyam· Decorating the face of the deity with sandal paste


                       Prathosam Dates

January 2013
January 9, Wednesday  
January 14, Monday          
Thai Pongal, Chathurthi   
January 21, Monday           
January 24, Thursday          
January 26, Saturday             
Thai Poosam, Powrnami 
January 30, Wednesday         
Sankadahara Chathurthi          
February 2013
February 7, Thursday   
February 13, Wednesday  
February 17, Sunday        
February 22, Friday           
February 24, Sunday        
Nadesar  Abishekam 
February 25, Monday       
Maasi Maham, Powrnami   
February 28,Thursday 
Sankadahara Chathurthi   
March 2013
March 9, Saturday      
Prathosam, Maha Sivarathiri:                  7:00 PM, 12:00 AM, 3:00 AM, 6:00 AM
March 15, Friday             
March 16, Saturday     
March 24, Sunday       
March 26Tuesday         
Panguni Uthiram, Powrnami  
March 30, Saturday       
Sankadahara Chathurthi

Nadi Astrology ('நாடி ஜோதிடம்' in Tamil)

 (nāḍi jyotiṣa) is a form of Hindu astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu, India. It is based on the belief that the past, present and the future lives of all humans were foreseen by Hindu sages in ancient time

The texts are mainly written in Vatteluttu, which is an ancient Tamil script. There are different schools of thought as to the author of these leaves. They were written by a Tamil sage called Agathiyar who is said to have had divine revelations. This doctrine of astrology was made famous by astrologers around the Vaitheeswaran Temple in the state of Tamil Nadu and is still practiced around the temple by their descendants...History

These Nadi leaves were initially stored in the premises of Tanjore Saraswati Mahal Library of Tamil Nadu. The British rulers later showed interest in the Nadi leaves concerned with herbs and medicine, future prediction etc.; but ironically left most of the Nadi prediction leaves to their loyal people. Some leaves got destroyed and the remaining were auctioned during the British rule. These Nadi leaves were obtained and possessed by the families of astrologers in Vaitheeswaran Temple. This was passed down the years from one generation to the other.[1

This world has been created by Brahmam and the entire world is controlled by Brahmam. It is worshipped by people in various forms across the globe or universe. People call it names like Allah,[citation needed] Krishna, Jesus,[citation needed] etc., but the ultimate truth is only one, i.e., Brahmam. There is no physical form for it. Athma
There is no birth for human body as we all believe. Only athma enters into different body and take form at time as per the good deeds and bad things it has done. There is no birth or death to athma. It can neither be created nor destroyed. Athma takes birth as per the karmas which it has done. It is like a person who is working in an organization gets promoted when he does his duty sincerely, honestly and efficiently or degraded if he does not perform his duties. The same way, an athma gets good and bad birth as per the good and bad things it does.

All the human beings irrespective of country, religion, caste, status, rich, poor, language are controlled by Navagrahas (nine planets). Navagrahas are very sincere in their duties and never go out of their path in performing their duties. They never work for any favour. They act on individuals as per the Karma (bad and good things done by human beings in this world) of each individual. The life of each individual is determined by their past karmas. For example, if a person is blessed with huge wealth in this birth then it means he has done so many punniyas (good things) in his previous births and he is enjoying the benefits of it in this birth. It is like a person who has saved lot of punniyas in his account as we save in bank accounts, then cash it when the need comes.
Birth, death and rebirth are all already determined. Sins are like big mountains which will take very long time to dilute whereas punniyas earned will get emptied very soon so it is very important that we always think of good and do not do any harm to any other living things. Sin is considered as committed even if we think of any bad things in your mind.
What is to be given to you, when, how and where everything is decided by Brahamam through Navagarahas and Siddars. As the Brahmam cannot come and do all the things in the world directly it has created 84,000 Siddars to perform duties on its behalf. Siddars are only next to god, and they have all supreme and diving powers and energy to act like god. Of the total siddars, 84000 are identified as very powerful and these informations are told by siddars itself by way of Nadi. Agastiyar is the leader of all Siddars. Few other Siddars like Vashistar, Kakapujandar, Bokar. Agastiyar always thrive for Jeeva Karunyam (not to do harm to any living things), i.e., taking care of all living things in this world and guide them to the path of Gnana to reach the divine feet.

Gaanda Nadi talks about a person's past, present and future and is mostly concerned with material things like getting a job, construction of house, marriage, curing a disease etc. Gaanda Nadi are already written by Siddars ages back and are available in Tamil Nadu with the blessed people.
Jeeva Nadi is like a live thing happening. It is mainly concerned with Gnana and finding ways and means to reach god and divine source through Gnana margam. This nadi is read instantly and you can get answers instantly. Only people with good positive energy will have the opportunity to go to these types of nadi and hear the readings.
 The palm leaf readers-- Naadi astrology 
Surely you have heard of fate. You may not believe in it but you have come across the concept; destiny, chance, circumstance, predestination by any other name. We have them in many forms here - the destiny readers, at least that is their claim, whether they sit with a parrot by the sidewalk, or are famous astrologers and/or palm readers. There is another group or sect and they are called the naadi-shastra people. When I heard that term my first association was of some one, who takes hold of my pulse and tells me all that I can only listen to within, in my most silent moments with myself. But, I was told that there was a certain reader who sat under a particular tree and one could go and meet him and he would look at you and fish out a leaf from his jhola (long cloth bag) which held your destiny. As it turned out that is not how they function either. 

Destiny of every person written on palm leaf 
Their theory is that Agastya Rishi of the times long gone by, had once forecast all that would occur, not just the earth shattering events of great wars and natural calamities but the nitty-gritty of day to day living, as in the lives of men and women. Not only did he see this entire unfolding of events, but he also wrote this down on palm-leaves - one for each person’s identity, and twelve more for other detailed aspects of their lives. Now that is mind boggling indeed, how did he do that? Did he have a magic pen that wrote as quick as his thoughts, which anyway were much faster and more intense than anything we know? Or did his thoughts manifest as they were created and we are living in just one possibility of that entire range of creation? But here I am jumping frameworks. So let me stay with Agastya Rishi and his seemingly magical abilities. No matter how he did it, it is contended that he wrote the destiny of each and every person that would be destined to come to the palm leaf readers! Now is that a convoluted argument or a tautology? Anyhow, so these naadi-shastra people have the palm leaves with our entire destinies mapped out for us i.e. those lucky enough to believe or to be willing to try out this stuff. 

How is it done:

Now the scenario of how the reading unfolds: What happens is - you go to the appointed place at the appointed time (as you are destined to) and you say you have come for your reading. You do not give your name or any other identification signs, like your address or who referred you to them etc. etc. They in turn will take your thumb impression (oh are they illiterate then? No dummy if you put your signature you are giving out your name or your initials, however indecipherable you might think your writing is). So this is rather like a cheap whodunit or a visit to a detective agency where you want to carry out your business incognito. They disappear with the thumb impression behind the curtains and after a while maybe an hour or a half later, they reappear with a few bundles of what they tell you are the palm leaves that match your thumb print. 

Predicting your future: 

Now the task can be an arduous one. You go with one of their members into a room where you sit opposite this person. He opens the bundle and starts reading out. You need to pay close attention to what he says or rather to what he translates for the reading out is in Tamil. After reading out each statement he will verify whether the information there is in fact valid for you. You only have to answer with a yes or a no. You need to refrain from giving any further clarifications and/or justifications. The moment he comes across a piece of information that is inaccurate in your case that leaf is discarded and he moves on to the next one. Thus you proceed through each of the leaves and the bundles until you hit the one that is yours. Typically it has your name, your parents name, your spouse/partner’s name, your siblings’ name(s) and other details about yourself, for example, where you were born, at what time, under what circumstances, present details of profession/occupation etc. etc. 

Once your leaf has been identified you are asked to wait again. This was the mystifying part for me. If they had found my leaf all they had to do was read it out to me, but for some reasons it takes them a while to work out the logistics of one person reading the leaf and another translating and recording what is being said into a language of your preference. Mercifully then you need not strain yourself to remember all the things that are being told to you. Other significant events are delineated both from your past and from your future. This is the gist of predictions of all the twelve houses. You are given this tape and a notebook, which contains in writing that which was read out for you. That comprises the general chapter predictions of the palm leaf reading of your destiny. 

Then there are certain other chapters, corresponding to the houses of the astrological chart, pertaining to various aspects of one’s lives eg. Money, family, marriage, sibling relationships, love, health and longevity, each parent, profession, further studies next birth and attainment of salvation, etc. There are also two remedial chapters whereby you can correct the mistakes you made in this or some past life by atoning for your sins by visiting temples and/or giving alms. One of the chapters requires you to do the needful yourself and the other allows for the prayers/ceremonies to be done on your behalf by a priest in their order at your request. 


The puja starts by a prayer to Lord Ganesha, to remove all obstacles that may occur as a result of incorrectly performing the puja. This is done by chanting all the names of Lord Ganesha and offering prasad (a food offering, usually consisting of one of Lord Ganesha's favorite foods - modak, a sugar and coconut mixture, or laddu) and the showering of flower petals

. Another part of the prayer involves a prayer to the Navagraha's - the nine important celestial beings in the universe. They consist of Surya (the Sun), Chandra (the moon), Angaaraka/Chevaai (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Guru aka Bruhaspati (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Sani (Saturn), Rahu (the head of the Demon snake), and Ketu (the tail of the Demon snake). The rest of the puja consists of worship to Satyanarayana, an extremely benevolent form of Lord Vishnu. First "panchamritam" is used to clean the place where the deity is placed. After placing the deity in the correct position, Satyanaraya swami is worshipped. Names of Satyanarayana are chanted along with offering of a variety of prasad (including a mixture of milk, honey, ghee/butter, yogurt, sugar) and flower petals. Another requirement of the puja is that the story of the puja be heard among all those observing and partaking in the puja. The story involves the origin of the puja, the benefits of it, and the potential mishaps that may occur with the forgetting performance of the puja. The prayer concludes with an Aarti, which consists of revolving a small fire-lit-lamp in the vicinity of an image of the Lord. After the puja is over, participants and observers of the puja are required to ingest in the prasad that was offered and blessed by the Lord...